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Dr. S. Jayabarathi
தமிழில் காண்க:
This website is founded to host the postings of the Agathiyar Yahoo Discussion
Group in search-able UNICODE format.

The Agathiyar Yahoo Discussion Group is the brain-child of Dr.S.Jayabarathi of
Malaysia who is known in the Web as "Dr.JayBee'.

It was founded by him in August, 1998. It started with a small membership of 29
and has grown to more than 800 members. It started off as an off-shoot of
Tamil.Net which was founded by Thiru. Bala Pillai of Sydney.

This is a selective discussion group which deals with topics in the fields of
Tamil/Indian Culture, Arts and Science, Traditions, Language and Ancient
Literature, Religion and Mysticism, History and ProtoHistory, Futureology, and

It is a bilingual group although the major portion of the discussion is in Tamil.

Dr.S.Jayabarathi conducts the affairs of Agathiyar which is looked after and
guided by a Panel of Five called 'Aimperungulzu'. This is in keeping with the
ancient tradition of the Tamils. The inspiration behind this undaunted undying
effort happens to be Mrs. Jayabarathi.

This group is named after Agathiyar who is the Patron Rishi/Siddhar of the
Tamils. The Aimperungulzu hails from the lineage of Agathiyar.

As of Feb 2, 2006, there are more than 38700 postings made by more than two
hundred members.

Whatever that has been collected, has been converted into Unicode and has
been put up in this web-site. The collection was done by Thiru Mukuntharaj of
Namakkal and Sivakumar Chinnasamy of Boston. Thiru. R. Arul Kumaran
provided the software for the conversion of documents from
TSCII encoding to
UNICODE encoding. The conversion of Agathiyar documents and the web-laying
has been provided by an Agathiyar volunteer. Volunteers interested in
contributing to these efforts are welcome and can
contact us.

The website contents are searchable using both the search box on the left or
from major search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

Whoever wants to make use of the contents of this Website, may do so,
provided due credit is given to the Agathiyar Group and the particular writer of
the posting. It must be quoted as the source.

This Treasure House is a gift to posterity.

Treasure House of Agathiyar